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In 2017, in Cannes, in the south of France, Florent Leonardo and William Dechaud, two renowned experts in French cutlery, founded the Wusaki knife brand. Their objective was to offer their large community of customers, made up of individuals and professionals, high-performance kitchen knives combining a distinctive design with exceptional cutting quality.

Company name: WUSAKI

Foundation: 2017

Head office: Mandelieu, France

Main activity: Knife maker

Company Description :

Birth :

In 2017, in Cannes in the south of France, the Wusaki cutlery brand was founded by Florent Leonardo and William Dechaud, two renowned entrepreneurs in the field of kitchen knives in France. The objective was to offer their vast community of individuals and professionals high-performance kitchen knives, with a distinctive design, and above all with excellent cutting quality.

Company values:

    Wusaki is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. This includes the discovery and opening of the first box of Wusaki knives, the sharpening of the blade, and finally, the daily use of the kitchen knife. The company aims to make the experience pleasant and intuitive, helping customers make the best choice for their equipment.

    Innovation is at the heart of our approach to offering the best kitchen knives. Wusaki believes that everyone, from professionals to kitchen novices, deserves quality equipment to make everyday life easier.

    The work is done in a positive atmosphere, with constant questioning to offer the best possible experience.

Company specifics:

    Wusaki is completely independent, making decisions without financial or commercial pressure. The strategic orientation is designed exclusively to satisfy customers.

    The Wusaki team is made up of cutlery experts, with in-depth knowledge of the market and having handled hundreds of knives from different sources. This expertise has made it possible to create a range of knives bringing together the qualities of the best products on the market.

Wusaki Products:

A Wusaki product is synonymous with quality. Research and development focuses only on premium quality products, providing instant pleasure in use, through the use of the most efficient manufacturing processes.

Wusaki Team:

The Wusaki concept would be nothing without its dedicated, dynamic and loyal team. All are united around strong values, which give specificity and originality to Wusaki knives.

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