Interior decoration

Give a Japanese touch to your home with our decorations made in Japan.

Interior design in Japan is an art form that reflects Japanese culture and tradition. It is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, paper and stone, as well as great attention to detail and aesthetics.

Japanese wall decorations are one of the most popular elements of Japanese interior design. They are often made with paintings, prints and calligraphy. Famous Japanese wall paintings, such as "ukiyo-e" which depict the daily life of Japan in the 17th century, are typical examples of Japanese wall decoration.

However, wall decoration is not limited to paintings. Traditional Japanese wallpapers called "washi" are also very popular. These papers are often made from mulberry fibers and feature geometric patterns, floral designs or images of natural landscapes. Japanese wallpapers can be used to decorate walls, doors and sliding partitions.

Japanese paper models are another popular form of Japanese interior decoration. Also known as "origami", these models are made from a single sheet of paper folded in a specific method. Japanese paper models can take many forms, from simple animals to complex structures such as historic buildings.

Japanese marquetry is another popular form of decorative art. Also known as "yosegi", this technique involves cutting small pieces of wood in different colors and assembling them to create intricate geometric patterns. Japanese inlaid decorative objects include jewelry boxes, tea chests and trays.

Japanese dolls are another popular form of interior decoration in Japan. These dolls are often representative of historical figures or Japanese legends. They can be made from different materials such as ceramic, wood or fabric.

Japanese interior design is a rich and varied art, using natural materials and emphasizing detail and aesthetics. Japanese wall decorations, Japanese paper models, Japanese marquetry and Japanese dolls are some of the most popular elements of Japanese interior design. Whether you want to add a touch of Japanese tradition to your home or explore a new form of decorative art, Japanese interior design offers many fascinating options.