Hakone Marquetry: Discover Japanese Traditional Art

Hakone Marquetry is a traditional Japanese marquetry style that originated in the city of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is known for its intricate and detailed designs, often inspired by nature, such as flowers, butterflies and birds. It is usually made from precious woods such as rosewood, cherry wood and sandalwood, and uses careful cutting and gluing techniques to create highly detailed designs.

Hakone marquetry is often used to make boxes, trays, furniture and other decorative items. It is also often used to decorate stationery items such as diaries and notebooks.

Hakone marquetry is considered one of the most elaborate forms of Japanese marquetry, with years of learning and practice required to master the techniques. It is considered a traditional Japanese art form and is protected by the Japanese government as such.

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