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Books about the Japanese world are an excellent way to discover and understand Japanese culture, history, society and traditions. There are many books on different topics related to the Japanese world, ranging from Japanese cookbooks to books on the history of warfare, novels, manga and self-help books based on Japanese wisdom.

Japanese cookbooks are particularly popular and can help you discover the secrets of Japanese cuisine. They can show you how to prepare traditional dishes such as sushi, ramen and tempura, as well as more modern dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine.

There are also books on the history of Japan which cover different aspects of culture, society, politics and religion. These books can give you an insight into Japanese culture through the centuries, as well as its influences on current popular culture.

Novels and manga (Japanese comics) are another way to learn about the Japanese world, especially fictional stories that are inspired by Japanese culture and traditions. Manga can be an excellent way to learn about Japanese popular culture and to understand the cultural references in popular films, video games and TV series.

Finally, there are books on personal development inspired by Japanese wisdom, such as Zen meditation, tai chi practice or ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arranging) that can help you connect with your own spiritual and personal culture.

All in all, books about the Japanese world are an exciting and rich way to discover and understand this complex and fascinating culture. There are books for all tastes and levels of knowledge, so it's easy to find the one that suits you best.

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