Japanese Papers: The Traditional Art of Papermaking

Washi paper is a type of traditional Japanese paper made from mulberry (kozo), gampi and mitsumata fibers. It is known for its soft texture, transparency and water resistance. Washi is used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from artistic applications, such as calligraphy and printmaking, to practical applications, such as packaging and stationery.

Washi paper is handcrafted using traditional techniques that date back centuries. The fibers are sieved, mixed with water and pressed to remove excess water. The paper is then spread out on wooden boards to dry, then cut into sheets.

Washi is also known for its aesthetics, due to its natural texture, transparency and water resistance,


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    Japanese Maki-e pens are handcrafted writing tools decorated with the etched lacquer technique, a traditional Japanese art of decorating lacquer objects with etched designs. Maki-e pens are made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo or ivory and are coated with black lacquer, which is then etched to create delicate designs such as flowers, birds, dragons or scenes of daily life. These pens are unique pieces that combine writing precision and aesthetics. Maki-e pens are precious items that are often used for Japanese calligraphy or for important gifts. Discover the Japanese Maki-e pens and let yourself be seduced by their art and finesse.

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  • Discover the art of...

    Washi is a traditional Japanese paper made from natural fibres such as mulberry, linen or rice. It is known for its strength, fine texture and vibrant colours. The process of making Washi is long and complex, involving handcrafted techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The end result is a high quality paper that is used for unique creations such as lanterns, fans, screens, photo albums and calligraphy. Washi is also used for practical applications such as packaging and labels. Discover the fascinating world of Washi and let yourself be seduced by this traditional Japanese art.

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