Japanese vases for ikebana: the traditional floral art

Ikebana is a traditional Japanese floral art form that involves creating floral arrangements in special vases called "kadō-bon" or "ikebana vases". These vases are often made of ceramic or wood and have unique shapes that are designed to showcase the flowers and foliage used in the arrangements.

Ikebana vases are usually slender and narrow, allowing the stems and foliage to rise vertically. They can have simple or more complex shapes, such as three-branched vases or multi-compartment vases. Ikebana vases are often used for formal flower arrangements, such as those used for ceremonies or exhibitions.

Ikebana vases also have symbolic meanings related to the different types of flowers and symbols used in the arrangements. The colours, shape and materials used in Ikebana vases are chosen to reinforce the meaning of the flower arrangement.

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