Daruma dolls: symbols of perseverance and luck in Japan

Daruma are traditional Japanese dolls that represent Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. The doll's eyes are usually painted white, and one of them is blackened when a goal or intention is set. When the goal is achieved, the other eye is blackened as well. Daruma are often used as good luck charms and to remind an individual to persevere in their efforts to achieve their goals.
Daruma are often made of papier-mâché or wood, and are round in shape to symbolise balance and stability. They are also often painted red, as it is considered a lucky colour in Japan. Daruma are often given as gifts when a person starts a new project or business, or to celebrate an important event. They can also be used to help overcome obstacles and challenges. Daruma are a popular symbol in Japanese culture to remind a person to never give up and to pursue their dreams.

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