Japanese Kenzan - Learn how to use this traditional floral art tool

Kenzan are tools used in Japanese flower arranging to hold flowers and branches in place in a vase or flower arrangement. They are usually made of metal and have spikes that can be driven into the flower stems to hold them in place. Kenzan can be used to create traditional flower arrangements such as Ikebana.

Kenzan are also known as "stem clamps" or "stem stakes", and are used to hold flowers and branches in place in a vase or floral arrangement. There are many sizes and shapes of kenzan available to suit different types of floral arrangements. Kenzan can be used for cut flowers or bonsai branches. Some kenzan are equipped with rubber or cork washers to protect the flower stems from damage. Kenzan are often used in combination with wire or ribbons to hold flowers and branches in place more precisely.

It is important to note that the use of kenzan requires some practice and dexterity to achieve aesthetic results. Ikebana, the Japanese floral art, is a good example of the use of kenzan, it is based on principles of composition and symbolism to create elegant and balanced floral arrangements.

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