Japanese Lamps: The Art of Traditional Lighting

Japanese lamps are important elements of traditional Japanese interior architecture, which have been used to light homes and temples for centuries. There are many types of Japanese lamps, each with its own characteristics and uses.

Oil lamps (chōchin) are one of the most common types of Japanese lamps. They are made from rice paper and usually have a cylindrical shape with a bamboo handle. Chōchin are often used to light Buddhist temples and private homes, and are often hung from ceilings or hung from support poles.

Stone lanterns (ishidōrō) are also a popular type of Japanese lamp. They are made from stone and usually have carved or engraved designs on them. Ishidōrō are often used to light gardens and stone walkways, and are often used to illuminate Shinto temples and shrines.

Table lamps (andon) are another type of Japanese lamp that is often used to light living rooms. They are made from wood and usually have a rice paper shade. Andons are often used to light living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

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