Cast iron objects from Japan - Unique and authentic pieces

Objects made of Japanese cast iron have several advantages:

    Durability: Japanese cast iron is very durable and can last for decades if properly maintained.

    Excellent thermal conductivity: Japanese cast iron allows for rapid and even heat distribution, which is ideal for cooking over high heat.

    Heat retention: Japanese cast iron retains heat for long periods of time, which is perfect for keeping food hot after cooking.

    Beautiful finish: Japanese cast iron has a smooth, even finish, giving it an aesthetic appearance.

    Easy to maintain: Japanese cast iron is easy to clean and maintain, simply wash in hot water and wipe thoroughly.

 Find here a wide range of cast iron items from Japan.


  • Japanese cast iron...

    Japanese cast iron teapots and kettles are traditional vessels used for making tea or hot water. Made from cast iron, these teapots and kettles are strong, durable and heat resistant. They often have simple, clean shapes with decorative details inspired by nature, such as leaves or birds. Japanese cast iron teapots are particularly valued for their ability to maintain the temperature of the hot water, even after long periods of time. Japanese cast iron kettles are also popular for their ability to keep water hot for a long time.

  • Japanese cast iron...

    Japanese cast iron wind bells "Furin" are traditional decorative objects for Japanese gardens. They are made of cast iron, a strong and durable material, and usually have a cylindrical shape with a roof-shaped cover. Their name "Furin" means "fresh wind" in Japanese, and they are designed to produce a melodious sound when shaken by the wind. Japanese cast iron "Furin" wind bells are often used to add a touch of tradition and Zen to a garden, and can also be used as gifts to celebrate special events. Furin are symbols of Japanese culture, used to mark the seasons and moments of life, and are part of the decorative objects of Japanese gardens.

  • Japan's cast iron cups

    Japanese cast iron cups are made from cast iron, a heat resistant and durable material, and usually have a simple but elegant design, often with traditional motifs such as cherry blossoms or mountain scenes.
    Japanese cast iron cups are often used for Japanese tea, known as "cha-no-yu" or "hot water tea".

  • Japanese Cast Iron...

    Japanese cast iron tea tray are traditional accessories made from a alloy of iron and carbon. They are used to protect tables and work surfaces from the heat emitted by cast iron teapots. Japanese cast iron tea tray often have simple and clean designs, often decorated with traditional patterns such as trees, flowers or kanji characters. They are also often used for the Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Japanese cooking...

    Japanese cast iron cookware is a kitchen tool made from an alloy of iron and carbon. They are typically used for cooking foods such as rice, soups and fish dishes... they include pots and pans, frying pans, slow cookers and woks. These utensils can last for years, and are also highly valued for their ability to distribute heat evenly.

  • Japanese Cast Iron...

    Explore our exquisite selection of Japanese cast iron kettles, symbols of elegance and tradition. Each of these kettles is crafted with meticulous craftsmanship passed down through generations. Their timeless design and ability to retain heat make them indispensable for tea preparation. Discover the harmony between aesthetic beauty and practical functionality in Japanese cast iron kettles.

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