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Japanese Cast Iron Kettle, CHINSAKURA, 1.2 L, Cherry Blossoms

Reference 12-THF-MO-01

Japanese cast iron kettle

We remind you that this product is not enameled on the inside.



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Technical Data

Capacity 1,2 lt
Compositions Cast Iron
Packing Packaged in a cardboard box
Product origin made in Japan
Japanese manufacturer Oiharu Japan ldt

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Tetsubin Japanese Cast Iron Kettle, IWACHU HYÔTAN ARARE 1,3L, Brown, made in Japan
Cast iron keeps heat longer than other materials without spreading to the handle. All lovers say it, a cast iron container is the best material to prepare and brew tea.

(Please Read This Before Using It.)
Please rinse the inside of this iron kettle once or twice when you use it for the first time. Next, please boil water in this iron kettle several times. After the boiled water become transparent and colorless, you can use it for drink. As for the left boiled water, move it to another pot. After that, please take off the lid and dry up it with the remaining heat. Please make sure not to leave the boiled water or water in this iron kettle.
After about one week passes, some red spots appear in the inside of this kettle. More next week, you may find the white boiler scale inside it. You may worry about them. But you don't need to mention about these problems. These are the characteristics of the iron. The inside of this kettle is used rust preventive not to rust it easily. So please never scour them with a scrub brush if you find some red spots or boiler scale inside it. It may be the causes that boil water pitch.
To take care of the surface, just wipe it with a dry cloth. It will also have the original gloss by wiping it with a wet cloth while the kettle is hot.
After heating this kettle without water, please don't water it and pour water inside it suddenly. It may make the kettle break up. (Please cool it down just naturally.)
When you boil water, move the lid a bit to deflate steam.
When you would like to move the boiled water from the kettle to another pot, put the lid on it and pour the boiled water. At this time, please don't touch the lid with your bare hand because the lid is also very hot. Please use clothes to hold the lid.
In case if this handle is fixed, please don't try to move it by force. It may cause the handle comes loose and takes off.
In case of not using it for a long time, please dry up inside completely and keep it in drafty place.

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