Ceramic mugs

Discover our collection of Japanese mugs, Yunomi, Chawan, Mazagrans and Cahwan Mushi.

Japanese ceramic cups are known for their beauty, elegance and functionality. There are several types of Japanese ceramic cups, but two of the most popular are the Yunomi tea cups and the Japanese tea ceremony chawan bowls. In addition, there are also tea mugs and chawanmushi cups with lids that are also appreciated for their unique style and practical use.

Yunomi tea cups are traditional Japanese ceramic cups used for drinking green tea. They are usually cylindrical and without handles, which allows you to feel the heat of the drink while drinking. Yunomi teacups are often decorated with intricate patterns, calligraphic designs or illustrations of animals, plants or landscapes. Yunomi ceramic cups are also popular outside of Japan and are often used to serve other hot or cold drinks.

Japanese Chawan tea ceremony bowls are ceramic bowls used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Chawan bowls are designed to be held in the palm of the hand and are often decorated with simple, clean designs. Chawan tea bowls are popular for their organic shape and natural texture. Chawan bowls can be made in different sizes and styles to suit different occasions and teas.

Tea mugs are a more modern type of Japanese ceramic cup with handles for a more comfortable grip. Japanese tea mugs are often decorated with traditional Japanese patterns, abstract designs or illustrations of popular manga characters. Tea mugs are ideal for drinking hot tea at home or at work.

Chawanmushi cups with lids are Japanese ceramic cups that are often used to serve Japanese dishes such as chawanmushi, a type of egg-based savory flan. Lidded cups are also used to serve tea or other hot drinks, keeping the drink hot for a longer period of time. Lidded cups are often decorated with delicate patterns and soothing colors.