Japanese bowls

Japanese people have the habit of taking a specific bowl for each type of meal, discover our ramen, rice or soup (donburi) bowls.

Japanese culinary culture is rich and diverse, and this is reflected in the different shapes and styles of Japanese bowls available on the market. Whether you're looking for a Japanese ramen bowl, Japanese bowl set, Japanese rice bowl, Japanese soup donburi-bowl, or Japanese soup bowl with lid, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Japanese ramen bowls are perhaps one of the most popular types of Japanese bowls. Ramen is Japanese noodles served in a savory broth and topped with various ingredients such as pork, hard-boiled eggs and seaweed. Japanese ramen bowls are therefore designed to hold this delicious soup with plenty of depth to hold all the toppings.

Japanese bowl sets are a great option for those looking to add a touch of style and elegance to their table. These sets can be used to serve a variety of Japanese dishes, such as soba noodles, rice, sushi and more.

Japanese rice bowls are also very popular. They are often small in size and designed to be used individually. Japanese rice bowls are often paired with Japanese chopsticks for eating rice.

Donburi Japanese soup bowls are another popular type of Japanese bowl. Donburi is a Japanese rice dish filled with meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients. Donburi bowls are designed to be deep and wide, allowing for all the toppings to be added.

Japanese lidded soup bowls are a convenient option for people who like to take their soup with them on the go. These bowls often come with a lid to keep the soup hot and prevent spills.