Linen and Accessories

Discover our linens, fabrics, parasols and masks from Japan.

Japanese culture is rich in tradition and craftsmanship, and this is reflected in Japanese home linen and accessory products. Japanese linens and accessories are made with high quality materials, unique designs and attention to detail. In this article, we will focus on four key elements of the Japanese linen and accessories category: Japanese masks, Japanese parasols, Japanese fabrics and Japanese linens.

Traditional Japanese masks, called "hakama", were originally used by samurai to protect themselves from poisonous gases. Today, modern Japanese masks are often made from materials such as cotton, silk and washi paper, ceramics... They are available in a variety of colors and designs, ranging from traditional patterns to modern designs.

Japanese umbrellas, also known as "wagasa", are traditional Japanese umbrellas. Made from washi paper and bamboo, Japanese umbrellas are lightweight and easy to carry. They are often decorated with traditional Japanese designs such as cherry blossoms or ocean waves. Japanese umbrellas are often used for sun protection at Japanese festivals or while walking in Japanese gardens.

Japanese fabrics are also very popular around the world. Traditional Japanese fabrics, such as cotton and silk, are often used to make kimonos, yukatas and obis. Traditional Japanese designs, such as cherry blossoms and ocean waves, are often printed on these fabrics. Modern Japanese fabrics are also popular, often used for handbags, cushions and tablecloths.

Japanese linens are made with the same attention to detail as other Japanese products. Japanese sheets and pillowcases are often made from high quality cotton and are often decorated with traditional Japanese designs. Japanese futons are also very popular, often made from cotton or linen and are used for sleeping on tatami mats in traditional Japanese homes.
Japanese linen and accessory products are made with attention to detail and quality. Japanese masks, Japanese umbrellas, Japanese fabrics, and Japanese linens are all high quality products that reflect the rich culture of Japan's traditions and crafts. Whether you are looking to decorate your home or protect yourself from the sun, you will surely find a Japanese product.