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Japanese traditional tatami, rice straw mat, AGURA, 164x82cm

Reference 10-IKE22-16-2-164

japanese straw mat tatami carpet AGURA 164x82cm



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Technical Data

Width 82 cm
Length 164 cm
Compositions Straw
Product origin made in Japan
Production region Miyama - Fukuoka Prefecture
Height 1.7 cm

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The traditional Japanese AGURA tatami, measuring 164x82cm, embodies the very essence of Japanese craftsmanship. Made in Japan, this iconic rug is more than just a floor covering, it represents an important part of Japanese culture and tradition.

The word “tatami” has its origins in the Japanese term “畳,” which literally means “filled” or “packed.” It is the characteristic floor covering of washitsu, traditional Japanese living rooms, as well as temples and other sacred buildings. The tatami consists of a modular assembly of padded mats bearing the same name, and its dimensions are standardized. In fact, the area of a tatami mat has become the unit of measurement for spaces in Japan, known as tatami or jō (畳). In addition, tatami is recognized throughout the world as the floor on which Japanese martial arts are practiced, completely covering the floor of dojos. Its use in this context brings a touch of flexibility and security compared to traditional flooring.

Making traditional tatami is a true craft. It rests on layers of rice straw superimposed and intertwined, thus forming the mattress, which is called tatami-doko. This mattress is then covered with a high quality rush mat, woven from Juncus effusus, also known as Igusa, which is called tatami-omote. This woven straw mat is the top covering of tatami, providing both a comfortable surface and great durability. Tatami-omote is often decorated with traditional designs and can vary in color, usually in natural, calming hues.

The entire process of making tatami, from material selection to manual tailoring, reflects the great attention to detail and quality in the Japanese tradition. AGURA tatami mats embody the authenticity and timeless beauty of Japanese culture. Each tatami is much more than a simple utilitarian object; it is a symbol of respect for traditions, artisanal know-how and the deep connection between past and present. For those looking to incorporate a piece of the Japanese soul into their living space, the AGURA tatami is an essential choice, combining elegance and functionality in a way that spans the ages.

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